Alan Gunning

Alan runs the studio in Stirling, Scotland. With over 15 years experience in design for web and print, Alan is the ideal person to speak to get your project off the ground.

“My specialities are with brand development and website design.  I love getting my teeth into a nice juicy… erm ecommerce site, or building your brand, overseeing the project from logo design to website launch”.

When not creating, you’ll occasionally find Alan playing loud guitar in his psychedelic blues band and wearing his even louder shirts!

With an eye for good design and an ear for music, give him a shout if you want to chat about your next project – just don’t ask him about Jimi Hendrix or you might never get away!

Hidden Talent

Plays the guitar with his teeth!

Favourite Album

Has to be Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Electric Ladyland

Greatest Trip

Yosemite National Park, California

Claim to Fame

Met Jimmy Page twice in one night!


(the WonderDog)

Okay, so the real reason you’re on this page… Satchmo is the obligatory office hound.  He goes by many names, Satchmo, Satchi, the Wee Furry Boy etc etc.

Anyway, he loves browsing mobile friendly websites with his little paws, and gets excited with boxes of print (mainly so he can chew on the corners).

Pop in for a wee stroke – his fur is “supersoft”.