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FES Group

One of the largest independent technical services companies in the UK
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What's the story

FES came to Nettl to rebuild their website from foundations up, much like they handle their epic projects. Although they're used to building shiny new things, they left the construction to nettl.

The previous site had become cumbersome and difficult to navigate due to the bloated menu structure and overly crowded pages.  We simplified the navigation and created a vertical scrolling homepage with sections for each of the main navigation pages.

Responsive design

Our responsive mobile friendly design makes sure the website displays beauitfully no matter if you're on mobile, tablet, laptop or gigantor screen.
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Slide me, baby

slide to see the before and our majestic aftershot
After Desktop Screenshot
Before Desktop Screenshot

Careers adverts

Can we have a place to showcase our current vacencies?

We went one step further! Candidates can upload their CV and apply.  HR can manage the applications on the back -job's a good'un as they say.
Career Adverts Screen
Projects Showcase


We set up a case studies page to showcase the varied projects FES  carry out - it uses a category filter system so you can needle down to your specific area

See for yourself

Check out the live site