Case Study

Highland wagyu

The largest producer of Fullblood Wagyu cattle in the UK.

What's the story

Highland Wagyu asked Nettl to redesign their broken and out of date site. Unsure of who had control, we managed to grab the bull by the horns and take control of the domain and begin the design process. 

Products Menu Desktop Screenshot

E-commerce without the bS

Previously all orders were processed via PayPal and an excel spreadsheet.  We've cut down on the BS with a custom built Woocommerce categorised product listing carousel - each cut is listed by weight and Wagyu type and slides beautifully from side to side.  It's fully responsive too, making ordering super easy no matter what you're browsing on... desktop, mobile, or tablet - all super slick.
Products Menu Mobile Screenshot
Cart Mobile Screenshot

MOO've me, baby

move the slider to see the before and our udderly fabulous redesign
After Desktop Screenshot
Before Desktop Screenshot

CLick & collect

Orders are split into collection and deliveries.  Our Click & Collect ordering system lets the user pick a date and time convenient to them to collect.  Not local?  No problem - choose a delivery slot and your meat will be shipped faster than you can say 'cowabunga dude'. 
Click & Collect Screen
Beef cuts

Chuck / Chuck Roll

  • Denver
  • Zabuton
  • Braising meat/Mincing meat


  • pastrami

Plate & Flank

  • Jacobs Ladder
  • Skirt
  • Bavette
  • Goose Skirt
  • Thin Skirt
  • Onglet
  • Bacon


  • Shin


  • Topside
  • Topside Pastrami
  • Knuckle (Thick Flank)


  • Roasting Joint
  • Rump Heart Steaks
  • Tri-Tip (Rump Tail)
  • Picanha (Rump cap)


  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Rib Roast
  • Bone in Rib/ Carvary Rib
  • Rib cap


- Short Ribs
- Sirloin Steak
- Rib and Rump End Sirloin Steak

Interactive cuts

Want to know what cuts come from what part? Hover over the illustration and all will be revealed. 

See for yourself

Check out the live site