March 21, 2022

So, how’s your website copy coming along?

One of the biggest holdups I face in web design is waiting for the copy. And, it’s one of the most important parts.

People make the mistake of thinking they have to sound business like and official.  But content doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, the more conversational it is, the easier it will be to keep the reader engaged (and stop them falling asleep at the ‘mouse’).

You’ve got a split second to knock people’s socks off – so use it wisely or they’ll just click off. We recommend an engaging headline then a small burst of text – we’re not talking War & Peace here – summarise what you want to say and if you need to go into more detail, include a ‘read more’ link to allow the reader to go ‘all in’ on a more descriptive page – a specialist landing page is also good for SEO (WTF is SEO? Check out our other video linked below). 

Grammar an speelling mistooks are alos rally damaging… right, so that’s a bit overboard, but the main gist is – would you trust a site that is filled with errors? No me neither so make sure your copy reads well, is run through a spell checker and that you’ve read it back out loud – does it makes sense? 

The key to turning browsers into buyers, is to gain their trust, make a connection with the person behind the keyboard – personable copy builds unconscious trust. Make them feel like they should buy from you. How can you do this? Just be yourself.

So it’s not just about your brand visuals – a great website needs to sound as good as it looks – and that’s all in the copy and tone of voice. 

So, For those about to web… choose Nettl

Article written by Alan

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