March 29, 2022

So what the heck does tone of voice mean exactly?

So, how’s your brand’s tone of voice? If you’re mouthing WTF at the screen, read on (or watch the vid)

Your voice is the essence of how you express yourself, your values and your mission as a business in your written and spoken communications. The tone of your brand voice helps your customers pre-empt what to expect from your service and guides your team to deliver that consistently.

Tone of Voice describes the way your brand speaks to its audience. What your business sounds like, and what people can expect from you along the customer journey.

Why does tone of voice matter to my branding?

Simply put, It helps you stand out from the crowd. It adds a layer of personality to your brand – it can appeal to your target client’s emotions and their own goals. It helps build connection and can make a user feel that the company cares about them. That’s huge. It can bring your brand to life, inject anything from humour to comfort to authority, with your voice. Amazing.

Stats from 2020 show that in every minute of the day there are:
6million people shopping online
575 thousand new tweets
65 thousand new instagram posts
5.7million google searches
And 12million iMessages sent.

So, amongst all this chaotic chatter, how can you be heard above the noise?

Stats show it takes 50 milliseconds (that’s .05 seconds) for users to form their opinion of your website. This is where brand tone of voice comes into play – if you don’t get the tone right, you can lose out on that call, click or visit.

In a world of stiff, boring, businesses speak, you can be a friendly and inspiring voice of human connection and understanding. Create emotion and hit them right in the feels.

Need help finding your voice? Then just give me a shout (see what I did there?)

Article written by Alan

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