February 24, 2023

“Do you feel lucky, choosing your web designer, punk?”

So a question I get asked here at Nettl of Stirling is, “how can I choose a web designer that gets me and fits my brand and vision?”  Well, that’s a tricky one as you don’t always know how the process will go when you’re at the start of your web journey. I’ve enlisted the help of a chap named Clint to guide you through the good, the bad and the average of the wild west web. Over to you Mr Eastwood…

Listen here, pilgrim…

When it comes to choosin’ a web designer, it’s like walkin’ through a one horse town here in the Wild West. You gotta be careful who you trustin’ with your website. Now, I ain’t no expert in this here digital world, but I’ve dealt with a few designers in my time. And let me tell ya, there’s some good, some bad, and some downright ugly out there.

So, you wanna know what to look for in a designer? Well, first off, take a gander at their portfolio. It’s like a gunslinger’s holster, it tells you a lot about their skills and experience. Make sure they got the style and functionality you’re looking for.

Next, communication is key. A designer that can’t explain their design choices or ain’t responsive to your questions is like a bandit who can’t be trusted. And when it comes to experience, well, just like a seasoned gunslinger, a designer with experience has likely encountered and solved a wide range of problems and still be standing. Make sure they are askin’ the right questions at your design meetings. Beware of tumbleweed…

And let’s not forget about timeframes. A designer who promises to have your website up and runnin’ in a day is probably cuttin’ corners. A good designer will be honest about how long a project will take and will work with you to set realistic expectations. More tumbleweed.

And when it comes to cost, well, a good designer is worth their weight in gold, let me tell you. A designer who is costing significantly less than others in the market might be trying to pull a fast one. Ask them how they’re planning on building the site? Cutting corners using templates? Bad SEO habits, or ignoring that completely?  Yeah, thought so.  

Web design is a complex beast, like a wild mustang – you need to keep a tight grip of those reigns. A good designer will understand your goals, brand vision, and purpose, and then create a website that not only looks good but serves a clear purpose and gets the job done. They should be able to take your ideas and translate them into a functional and attractive website that meets your specific needs and resonates with your target audience. 

You see, in this world there’s two kinds of designers, my friend: those who are loaded with skills and produce effective designs, and those who dig through a mess of bad design choices. You dig? The choice is yours. 

So, it’s high noon…do you feel lucky, punk? (hang on Clint, isn’t that Dirty Harry?)  It’s up to you to decide. But remember, a good web designer is worth their weight in gold and can help make your online presence a success. And ain’t nothin’ more important than makin’ a good impression in this wild online world, whether it’s on my dusty streets or on the wild wild web. 

There we have it folks. You survived your first encounter with Clint, now make your choice.

Ready? Draw! 

Article written by Alan

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