March 18, 2023

Oops, They Did It Again: Uncommon Web Design Blunders Businesses Keep Making

Ah, website design – the art of creating a digital haven that invites customers to frolic, engage, and ultimately, hand over their hard-earned cash. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so much. Every day, countless businesses fall victim to common web design blunders, like cluttered layouts, slow load times, and, heaven forbid, autoplaying videos (shudder).

But today, we’re not here to discuss the usual suspects. We’re venturing off the beaten path to explore the less-discussed web design mistakes businesses make. Grab your hiking boots, intrepid readers, and let’s dive into the world of uncommon website design faux pas!

The Long-Lost Art of Navigation

Some websites are like a maze designed by a particularly malicious Minotaur. Visitors find themselves in a labyrinth of drop-down menus, hidden pages, and links that lead nowhere. Remember, folks, the back button is a powerful tool and an impatient click away. An intuitive, easy-to-navigate website is the key to keeping users happily browsing and exploring your digital realm.

Curse of the Infinite Scroll

Infinite scrolling may seem like a nifty idea on paper, but it’s a Pandora’s box of frustration for some users. When done well, it can create a seamless browsing experience. When done poorly, it leaves users desperately seeking that elusive footer or any semblance of a menu. Don’t let your website fall victim to the curse of the infinite scroll – provide clear navigation and a way to escape the abyss.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Search Bar

Imagine strolling into a library, only to find there’s no card catalogue or helpful librarian to guide you. That’s what it’s like to visit a content-rich website with no search bar. A simple search function can save your users from the despair of manually sifting through your website’s treasure trove of content. And remember, a happy user is a loyal user.

The “Why Are We Yelling?” Typography

We get it, you’re excited about your business – as you should be! But when your website is a cacophony of competing fonts, colours, and sizes, it can feel like you’re yelling at your users. Choose a consistent, easy-to-read font, and avoid the temptation to make everything bold, italicised, or underlined. Your users’ eyes will thank you.

The Social Media Quandary

Social media: a double-edged sword for any business. While it’s essential to connect with your audience, smattering your website with social media icons can create a perplexing predicament. Like the Pied Piper’s alluring melody, they entice users away from your meticulously designed content and into the rabbit hole of social media distractions. Keep those icons within reach, but don’t let them overshadow your site’s primary objectives.

Avoiding these uncommon web design mistakes can help your business stand out from the crowd – in a good way! Remember to prioritise user experience, maintain consistency in design, and keep your website’s goals in mind. Now go forth, intrepid business owners, and create websites that are as delightful and well-designed as they are effective! 

And remember folks, for those about to web, choose Nettl as your trusted design dude to guide you on this digital journey. Let’s rock the internet together!

Article written by Alan

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